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Luscious Jackson emerged in 1991 as the coolest girls strutting the East Village. Playing a mélange of hip-hop rhythms, brooding bass, and mysterious harmonies, the group — founding members Jill Cunniff, Gabby Glaser, and Kate Schellenbach — hit hard among the then-burgeoning alt-punk-hip-hop scene in New York, propped up by their lifelong friends the Beastie Boys. By the time 1997 rolled around, Luscious Jackson had hit the Billboard charts („Naked Eye“), and solidified themselves as one of the era’s most unique bands. But when their final album, Electric Honey, failed to pop off — and Cunniff wanted to have children — they went on hiatus in 2000.
But after 12 years, the trio is working on a new album, beginning with the breakbeat-laden pop song „Are You Ready?“ Now liberated by the Internet, the group is funding their new work entirely through their fans via Pledge Drive, and gearing up for a new tour schedule (working around their families, of course). „Our fans are basically supporting our new record,“ says Glaser. „It’s amazing.“ (Spin magazine)

Es gibt durchaus schlechtere Nachrichten als diese. Luscious Jackson sind also zurück, sehr schön!
Ihr Album „Fever in, fever out“ hatte ich erst vor einigen Jahren in einem Second-Hand Plattenladen wiederentdeckt und sofort gekauft. Bisher hatte ich das Album, das seinerzeit auf dem Beastie Boys Label erschien, nur auf Kassette. Ich mag es immer noch, steht hier. Was die neuen Sachen angeht, nun, da mag sich jeder selbst ein Bild machen. Über PledgeMusic kann man sich den neuen Song Are you ready? downloaden.



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