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Neulich beim Wühlen in der heimischen Plattenkiste.
1999 veröffentlichte Chris Cornell sein wunderbares Debütalbum Euphoria morning. Soundgarden hatten sich zwei Jahre zuvor aufgelöst und Chris Cornell liefert auf seinem Debüt Musik abseits des Grunge Metal Alternative Rock. Ich empfehle es sehr! „Can’t change me“ bringt gleich im ersten Song die unglaubliche Stimme des Sängers in den Vordergrund und muss all diejenigen bekehren, die Chris Cornell nur für einen null acht fuffzehn Rocksänger hielten.

2015 wurde eine remasterte Version des Albums veröffentlicht. Neben dem Fehlen der französischen Version von „Can’t change me“ (braucht auch eigentlich niemand), die 1999 auf den internationalen Pressungen des Albums vertreten war, fällt mir noch etwas anderes auf: Der Albumtitel hat sich geändert. Hui, der Albumtitel wurde geändert! Und das ist kein Druckfehler oder Fehldruck? Nein, es hat alles seine Richtigkeit. Die remasterte Platte soll Euphoria mourning heissen. Kein Fehler, nix. Das in morning geschmuggelte ‘u‘ soll genau da hingehören und die Änderung von ‚morning‘ zu ‚mourning‘ ist beabsichtigt.
Da das Internet alles weiß, kennt es auch hierfür die Erklärung. Discogs.com listet in den Anmerkungen zur remasterten Version den schlanken Satz

The title of the record has been restored to its original spelling, which was changed just before release in 1999 after I listened to some bad advice.

Wikipedia, der allumfassende Musik Almanach, erläutert dagegen ausführlicher:

The album was re-released in 2015 on CD and vinyl and retitled Euphoria Mourning. Cornell stated that he had originally intended the album to be called that, but his manager at the time of the original release, Jim Guerinot, suggested that „Euphoria Morning“ without the „u“ would be a better title. Cornell on the title:

It was a pretty dark album lyrically and pretty depressing, and I was going through a really difficult time in my life – my band wasn’t together anymore, my marriage was falling apart and I was dealing with it by drinking way too much, and that has its own problems, particularly with depression. So I titled the album Euphoria Mourning, but right before the record came out and I was doing interviews over the radio for example, if you say “Euphoria Mourning”, the listener doesn’t know if it’s mourning with a “u” or morning without a “u”. And that started to bother me. So I had a conversation with my manager at the time, and said I really love the title but do you think it’s confusing? And he suggested that Euphoria Morning would probably be a better title. I thought, in contrast to the lyrics maybe that works. And it wasn’t my manager’s fault, I was a grown man and could say I don’t think that’s a good idea, and in the back of my mind I didn’t think it was a good idea. But mentally I wasn’t together enough to really know what was right. So I went with “Morning”, and it’s bothered me ever since. It even showed up in an early review where someone reviewing the record said that the title sounded like a potpourri scent, and when I read that I was just like [with disdain], “Fuck! Fuckin’ bullshit!” The title was so beautifully poetic to begin with, just the concept of euphoria in mourning; it was a moment I felt inspired and I let all the air out of it. So when we decided to do its first vinyl release I thought, I want to change the fuckin’ title! [Laughs] It’s time to change it.

A ha, okay. Die Sache wäre geklärt.


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